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Welcome to Erfinderhaus International

Welcome to Erfinderhaus International. We are a dedicated invention marketing and consulting company possessing a unique advantage over other related firms: we are the only marketer who can guarantee to place your finished-product into a store. Through our invention shops in Berlin (Germany) and Salzburg (Austria) your product can be viewed and bought by consumers and you can receive real market research rather than hypothetical projections.

In addition to guaranteeing market placement for your invention, Erfinderhaus International offers a full range of services to help inventors bring their ideas into reality. From project planning/management to prototype construction, Erfinderhaus International has you covered through each step of the inventing process.

The road to market success is difficult. Only a very small percentage of patented ideas turn into market hits. We strive to change this fact by getting your idea out there on the shelf, instead of it staying on the drawing board.

With Erfinderhaus International you can bring your invention to the marketplace.

Best regards,

Marijan Jordan & Gerhard Muthenthaler

Founders and Owners of Erfinderhaus International

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